Book review: Exodus Tales

by Sheila Deeth


Sheila continues her cute kids’ series with the book of Exodus. Forty or so two-page stories in large print. The first book of the series was reviewed here:

Sheila’s writing is engaging, meant as a “middle-school reader for book-lovers of all ages.” I had the feeling that the second book of the series might work best for a parent reading to a child, because it may require a bit of familiarity with Exodus to relate some of the stories to the Bible. If meant for a young reader alone, may I make a suggestion: This series would provide a good gift alongside a new Bible, with instructions for how to read them together. At the beginning of each story, note the reference to the back of the book for the scriptural passage which inspired the story, and read the Bible passage afterward.

I also must confess that the book of Exodus is not as much fun as Genesis, and we drop from five stars to four for book two. But at the end of the book is a section more for adults, providing thought-provoking facts and natural explanations for the way in which God worked his miracles. Real World, Real People, Real God, as the subtitle proclaims.

I look forward to more! And I look forward to grandchildren to share them with, just in case my married children are reading this…


  1. Oh wow! Thank you for this lovely review. I really appreciate your comments comparing Exodus Tales with Genesis People–encourages me to try harder with the next volume and gives me marketing suggestions too! What more could I ask?

  2. yw, thanks for sharing! Let me know when you get to the book of Judges, lol … that should have five-star potential. :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I released Joshua last year, so Judges is actually the next one my list. It may take a while though. I shall definitely aim for those 5 stars.

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