Book review: Wine and the Word

by Kurt Senske


This little pocket-sized book was well worth the read, even for someone like me who knows nothing at all about wine.

More than anything else, the book is the expression of one connoisseur’s appreciation for the enjoyment of wine and its rich heritage. But Senske, being Christian, lifts the experience into the realm of religion. Senske finds in good wine some remarkable, unexpected metaphors.

The direction Senske went was not all what I expected. He pays only minimal homage to biblical themes such as the Lord’s Supper (the blood of Christ) and the Messianic Age (the promise of wine’s abundance in the world to come).  Instead, he focuses more on inspirational comparisons  of vineyards, winemaking and wine appreciation with our walk with God. You cannot finish the book without feeling an appreciation for this part of God’s creation, and thus better understand why the Bible contains so many positive references to vineyards and to wine.

Creative Communications for the Parish, © 2014, 127 pages

ISBN: 978-1-889387-76-5

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