Book review: Becoming the Son

by C. D. Baker


Very, very good! It’s a gutsy challenge to write fiction about Jesus, yet I believe this is the most enjoyable and moving Bible-times story I’ve ever read. Jesus’ message comes alive in glorious humanity. It was doubly enjoyable for me because Baker took the time to explain much of his research in footnotes. The novel took much longer than normal for me to read, because I was constantly tempted to study the footnotes and look up scripture.

To the best of my own research, Baker’s story is consistent with scripture. It is historical fiction, of course, meaning Baker adds his imagination and elaboration, yet there was very little I would argue against. Should I be surprised his book is so precise? No … Baker has a Master’s degree in Theology, and has published six novels before this one. His writing is captivating and authentic, so much so that I found myself hoping Becoming the Son would end before the crucifixion of Jesus, so that Baker would have to write a sequel!

This book is not a light-hearted beach read. It’ll pull your guts out in places, it’ll make you think differently about Jesus as a human being, and regardless of your belief in God, it’ll uplift you with what an astounding story the Bible tells about an incredible life lived and died for others.

Read this one.

© 2012, 363 pages

ISBN: 978-1-44749-114-0



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