Exodus 29:7, Anointing in the Bible

Then shalt thou take the anointing oil, and pour it upon his head, and anoint him.

//Today’s verse describes how the temple priests were to be anointed. Kings were also anointed. Jesus was anointed. Indeed, the title Christ is the Greek version of the Hebrew Messiah, and both merely mean anointed.

Have you ever noticed how often anointing happens in the Bible? Why is this such a big deal, and who wants oil poured over them?

Answer: It is a gesture of purification, with a practical, sanitary value. It did indeed lift the recipient above his peers to be anointed. Daily village life in these times would have been a bit smelly, before the invention of soap. There was no running water or sewage systems, there were pack animals in the street and animals even in the same house with their owners. Anointing covered the day-to-day smell, masking one’s humanity and lifting him closer to God.

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