Book review: Walking in the Moment between Tick and Tock–From Passover to Pentecost

by J. Timothy King


Mr. King presented this book to me as appropriate for the season. Passover is nearly upon us. I absolutely love reading about the Biblical feasts and celebrations, so I snapped it up.

King notes that Jewish holidays are different from secular holidays; they’re not just about observing the past, but about bringing the past into the present. We live in the moment, between the tick and tock of the clock, as we journey from Passover to Pentecost … from Egypt to Sinai.

King’s book meanders a bit from the topic, it reads a little like a diary of King’s spiritual journey and how he came to appreciate Jewish customs … particularly Passover. Casual, friendly and well-written, but short and unscholarly, it didn’t teach me anything new. Pick it up for some inspirational Saturday afternoon reading in your backyard while your children play around your feet.

Published by J. Timothy King, © 2013, Kindle Edition

ISBN: 978-0-9816925-2


  1. Interesting review. Yes, Tim refused to get bogged down in classical Hebrew stems and nuances. Yes, he personalized the story of Pasach. Reminds me of when I did the opposite in a teaching on the Patriarchs after which one lady asked me pointed: What does this all have to do with me!

    I also discovered that people love to read an account the exposes the author—not just his or her work—to a review.

    But still some people prefer the technical jargon that gives them a sense of being educated.

    All said, for me it was a good read and it is brief enough to read while the children play at your feet.

    Oh, by the by, Classical Hebrew has no present tense: no in-between imperfect and perfect, past and future. It is interesting how they represent the idea: in-between tick and tock.

    • Lee Harmon

      :) Thanks for the input, John! You’re right, “between tick and tock” is descriptive.

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