Book Excerpt: Revelation: The Way It Happened

“Do you understand that Jesus is the Christ?” Samuel pressed on. “The Messiah must be born into the royal lineage of our greatest warrior, King David, and he must redeem our people with the sword, but most Jews refuse to consider Jesus the one. Because although the blood of King David surges through the veins of our Lord Jesus, he came first as a lamb, silent before his accusers.”

“Who were his accusers?”

“The Romans and the Jewish council of elders, the Sanhedrin. They sentenced him to die on a cross because he threatened to destroy the Temple and rebuild it in three days.”

“I would not have been a lamb, Father! I would have been a true Messiah! I would have fought with my sword and spilled the blood of all my enemies. This Jesus cannot really be the Messiah,” Matthew spat.

“Listen, my son. He’s both a lion and a lamb. Like a lamb to the slaughter, Jesus shed his own blood for us through meekness and humility, in atonement for our sin.”

Matthew resisted the impulse to stick out his tongue in disgust. Fortunately, he knew better than to disrespect his father.

“But now he returns to finish his work,” Samuel continued, unperturbed. “He will take vengeance on all his enemies. My son, we will soon behold the true Messiah in all his glory! Jesus, from his throne in heaven, will show himself to be alive again! This time, for ever and ever!”

–Revelation: The Way It Happened, 2010, pp. 19-20, by Lee Harmon

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