Genesis 4:20, Cain Learns His Lesson

Adah gave birth to Jabal; he was the father of those who live in tents and raise livestock.

//Remember the fight between Cain and Abel, the first people born on the earth? Cain is a farmer, and brings the fruit of the ground to God as an offering. Abel is a shepherd, and brings one of his flock. God likes Abel’s effort, and doesn’t like Cain’s. So Cain kills Abel.

God isn’t too happy about that. He sends Cain away from the land of his parents, to be a vagabond on the earth. Cain cries that his punishment is too great to bear, but God is unrelenting.

Immediately Cain finds a wife (God only knows where) and starts having children. A few generations later, along comes a descendant named Jabal. Jabal becomes known as the father of all who dwell in tents and amidst herds—shades of Abel.

It takes a while, but it appears that Cain and his descendants finally learn how to live the “Abel” way.

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