Leviticus 18:17, David Steals King Saul’s Wife (part II of II)

Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of a woman and her daughter.

//Yesterday, I quoted the story of how David stole Saul’s wife Ahinoam to be his own. I know this sounds hard to believe, yet another scripture hints that not only is it true, but that it was done with God’s favor. Read the following statement, made by the prophet Nathan about God’s gifts to David:

And I gave thee thy master’s house, and thy master’s wives into thy bosom–2 Samuel 12:8

Clearly, the “master” whose house God gave to David is King Saul. So, David was given Saul’s wives as well.

Earlier, Saul had given his daughter Michal to David to be his wife. This, in effect, was grafting David into the line of succession for the kingdom. When later Saul took Michal away and gave her to another man, he was purposefully breaking the line of succession. So the enmity had begun between the two of them. What started as a simple jealousy on Saul’s part escalated to something much more serious. Saul gives David’s wife Michal to another man; so David steals Saul’s wife Ahinoam; so Saul tries to murder David. David is forced to flee and live in the wilderness until King Saul dies in battle.

But here is where the story gets even more sordid. Michal, it turns out, was the daughter of Ahinoam. So David apparently married first the daughter, and when he couldn’t have her, he took her mother. Which brings us to today’s verse, forbidding this very thing. Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of a woman and her daughter.

Does this explain why Michal was childless? Perhaps she and David never shared the bed, before Michal was taken away? Surely, David would not have ignored the law of Leviticus, right?


  1. Alan Keohane

    Was it standard practice at that time for a new king to marry the former king’s wives/concubines to emphasize his claim to the throne and to avoid potential heirs from the former king’s line?

  2. Lee Harmon

    According to Joel Baden, yes, this was standard practice…more for your former reason that for the latter.


  3. John Smith

    Ahinoam is pronounced “Akhinoam” in N.W. Akkadian (“Hebrew”) which is the writing used in “both” kingdom’s documents.

    I say “both” because Akhinoam is the queen of Akhenaton. The “Sun” king Sol/Saul is Tushratta, Akhenaton’s real father and the alter ego of “Yuya”, the “Vizier” of Egypt. aka “Joseph.” The daughter “Michal” is Meket, daughter of Akhenaton and Akhinoam (“Nefertiti”), and she was married to her father “David” (Akhenaton), then her half-brother Smenkare, then to Tut, another half-brother, then lastly to Aye, her grandfather and murderer of Tut.

    Akhinaom, just like Nefertiti, disappears from her husband’s court. “Ribkah” that follows means “wife of Kah” which is a way of hiding Tiye, his mother. Wife of kah” simply means wife of your soul/Ka. Oedipus, this is the origin of the myth/story.

    One can read the entire history of this event in the “Indictment of Madduwatta” online, including “David” plotting to murder a Hittite general guarding him to steal his wife, daughter and kingdom, and Saul chasing him around in “Vehement Chariot” aka “Tushratta aka YHW aka Yahweh.

    YHW. The Shasu of YHW were the foot soldiers of Yuya/YHW: King of Jawa, Jordan, and king of Yizrael, aka “Jezreel.” He is aka “AttarRissiya” the “Father of Suriya”, the Indo-Aryan sun god with “many arms” like “the Aten.”

    That is history: your myth was written by Yona Indo-Aryans labeling themselves “Ionian Greeks” that “just happened” to speak Levite. All twisted from Indo-Aryan myths, all of it. Homer was “invented” by them…they stole the character of Vyasa, author of the Mahabharata.

    Tushratta and Aye: they are Yayati and Ayu: the KINGS OF PURU DYNASTY INDIA. The KINGS of the WORLD. Greece, Thailand, Peru, Egypt, Urartu, India, Crete, Thrace, Orkney Islands…all have evidence of this very ancient culture. And all of the “Judaic/Christian” mythologies derives from them. All of it. Every single person, event. Even “Medggido” happened in much earlier India.

    “Josephus: We are called “Jews” in Rome, and Kallani in India, where we come from.”

    The Yadu Tribe=Judah. The Yudhisthira “king” Yudah and Asherah. YHWH and his Asherah. Real people, from India. Yona tribe=Jonah. All had lead priests named Brahmins/Brahma. They come from SarasVati River valley, circa 1900 BC.

    Matsiyah of the Yadu=Messiah, an avatar of VishNu. Symbol: a fish. The Yona are also known as HUNS.

    I’d say by their actions ye shall know them.

    The Truth Shall Set You Free…hopefully the twisted history spell can be broken….we’ll see by your reaction to it.

  4. John Smith

    “The Indictment of Madduwatta.” Try searching the Oxford professor: “Jorit Kender, Indictment of Madduwatta”, he is the so-called expert on this subject, historically. “Odd” he can’t find the Anatolian land called “Ahhi Yawa” though…took me @ 2 minutes. Anyway…

    Maha Duwat, the “Great King David.”

    Tawat Dawat Duwat = David, that is how “David” is still pronounced in the east.

    And you should read it, so you can learn Truth. Faith should not be shaken by the Truth. If it is, you need to examine. It’s all there: “Saul’s war with David”, killing the Hittite, getting a kingdom given to him by a foreign king (Tudhaliya).

    There is no doubt: this is the “written history from Hittite king Arnuwanda” to David. And anyone seeking Truth can see it leap from that letter…and keep in mind: Tushratta was king of Ugarit as well…and THAT is where all of the “Hebrew” versions of the Vedic myth are still found, by the thousands, in writing, in Hebrew.

    Tushratta, “Vehement Chariot” aka “YHW” in hieroglyphs as “Yuya/Joseph”….does Yahweh drive a chariot down from mountains? Because Tushratta is also king of Ararat, which was part of Mittani/Hurriya. There is simly no way to avoid it when almost every aspect “clicks” together. This is “YHWH” the chariot driver. In Indo-Aryan myth, he is SanJaya…and what is the name of the area of the West Bank under attack by Huns now?

    Snjaya. See what I mean?

    Tushratta/Yuya was the last king of Mittani to use the suffix “Mes” in a royal title…because Tushratta, not Akhenation, was aka Moses. David/Akhenaton’s father.

    He “killed an Egyptian.” You betcha. More than one. He killed his own father, King Arta, to take the throne. Gave his brother’s sword to his grandson, Tut, who was buried with it: Excaliber. Made from a meteor: “Pulled from a stone.”

    Don’t think so? Who was the mother of Tut? Tiye. And what did Tiye’s husband, Yamuna Hotpe III (Amenhotep III for western minds to keep you confused) build for his favorite queen?

    A LAKE. She was LITERALLY the Lady of the Lake. The OT calls her “Leah.”

    Understand well: YHWH/Tushratta had a secret: he was a wizard, from Al-Khemmis, in the Minya district of Egypt. An Alchemist. And he wandered the Uttar Patha collecting meteors….to fashion into “Celestial Weapons.”

    And guess what region that was? China, in a land called Nata….AkheNata….

    The Truth shall set you free….If you seek the sometime uncomfortable Truth…or do you seek comfort in LIES?

    Here is a hint: wikipedia: look up Amenhotep III…right side of page…scroll down box until you see hieroglyph with seated or kneeling man holding a sword: look at translation…that is the ancient name of “Excaliber.” That comes from Tushratta’s capital of “Washukannia” on the Khabur River. SILENT K.

    At Washukanni, they had famous smiths, forging these bronze weapons in use those days…but also those “Celestial Weapons” (iron/nickel alloy from meteors), and what were these smiths called? “Haburus.” Speaking Levite. (Luwian). These people were mostly Hurrians, and Hurrians/Armenians made up a large percentage of Canaan.

    And the OT says Levites ARE a “Hebrew” tribe.

    You are very welcome: I just gave you a 6 month intensive outline of research. For free. And I barely scratched the surface, of what was hidden, and what is now being revealed.

    You need to know: Indo-Aryan “Celestial Weapons” are what they used to kill DEMONS.

    Do I need to tell you who those demons are, their names? Asuras and Devas.

    Assyria/Asher tribe. That is Tushratta’s land, kingdom. Make sure when you seek spiritual assistance, you are calling the right “number”….

    UNDERSTAND???? I hope so. The spell is strong, hard to break lifetimes of lies piled on deceptions. Good luck.

    Yeshuah translates as YaShiva.

    The “Queen of Sheba” is the Queen of Shiva, and Ramesses II is actually RamaZeus, and he is Rama. The Indo-Aryan god with a wife named Sita. “Ramesses II” is married to Sitamun. Do you understand?

    It was a ceremonial marriage, where Indian brides bring huge dowries, just like today. The Hittite kingdom was Indo-Aryan, and they send many princesses to marry many pharoahs, and all of those princesses worshiped “Hebat” which is pronounced Heba or Sheba according to Wikipedia sources.

    All of the 18th dynasty were Indo-Aryans. And, they were also all Heperus.

    From Mittani. Khaburus, silent K. And lastly, under “Ionia”, one finds that “Apiru” is the Hurrian name given to “coastal dwellers” along the Levant coat line. Canaan. Hebrews.

    The ones the Yuna/Ionian/Huns are killing today. The Truth.

    Go ahead, check all my assertions: I am guessing you were completely unaware of the Kingdom Of Jawa (Yawa) found not long ago in Jordan, yes?

    YHWH is first attested in writing at temple in Elephantine, Egypt. Minya district. The YHWH temple was torn down by angry Egyptians, but Cyrus gave the local Jews funds to rebuild it……The temple was built by Yamuna Hotpe III.

    “Yuya” in Hieroglyphs is YHW.

    Joseph is YHWH. Sanjaya, king of Jawa, Jordan. “Yizreel”/Jezreel.

    Call him a god if you wish. But you can look upon his face today, online.

    See the Greek/Thracian beard? This man was a Wizard. Shape-Shifter. Alchemist. Maybe a mutant genuis light years ahead of mankind….that is what the evidence points to.

    Notice: that is an Islamic hand gesture YHW was posed in death in. LITERALLY “YHW.”
    “Yuya (sometimes Iouiya, also known as Yaa, Ya, Yiya, Yayi, Yu, Yuyu, Yaya, Yiay, Yia, and Yuy)[1] was a powerful Egyptian courtier during the eighteenth dynasty of Ancient Egypt (circa 1390 BC).” [The Hieroglyphs at Elephantine temple say “YHWH.”]

    YHWH and Asherah:

    You know now. Tushratta, king of the “Levite Tribe. Seemed fitting in an artice labeled “Leviticus.” He is YHWH. Yuya.

  5. john twinem

    I think you might have made a large leap re. David having married Ahinoam, daughter of Ahimaaz (1 Sam 14:30), under the assumption that there cannot be two women of the same name. Ahinoam is presented as the mother of the young man who became David’s best friend, Jonathan. Assuming a somewhat reasonable chronology of events, we’ll say that she bore Jonathan around her 18th year, and that David and Jonathan became friends around their 20th years (by which time she’s 38). Assuming too that David and Saul’s struggles play out over a short period of time (say 4 years), when David marries Ahinoam the Jezreelite (25:43–funny that she’s not identified as Saul’s wife), she’s already 42. She will bear him Amnon sometime after this . . . at a time when life spans would indicate that she’d be post-menopausal and that Amnon would very likely have Downs syndrome. I think your assumption is forced re. Ahinoam. Nathan’s reference to David taking on Saul’s harem, whomever that harem might have included (2 Sam. 12:8), with its political and dynastic implications, is not conclusive–in fact, seems weak–as a reason to conflate the two names.

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