Job 29:10, The Humbling of Job

The voices of the nobles were hushed, and their tongues stuck to the roof of their mouths.

//Job, says the Bible, was the greatest, richest man of his time. And he seemed quite aware of his greatness. Someday, take a glance at chapter 29. You’ll find a Job you may not recognize.

In this chapter, Job bemoans his fall from grace, and wishes for the old days. He used to be so much greater than everyone else that as he walked down the street the crowds parted for him. Noblemen fell into a hushed silence as he strolled by. When he took his place in the public square, even the old men stood to their feet. Everyone drank up his words like rain, and cherished each of his smiles.

What did Job think of these adoring peons? Read on into the next chapter. They bray like disreputable animals. Their fathers Job disdained, for they did not deserve the company of dogs.

And now, after Job is brought low, the people mock Job instead of worship him. Poor Job.

Perhaps Job’s strongest quality was not his patience but his pride? Perhaps there was more reason than we think for this humbling act of God, bringing Job down to ashes?

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