Book review: The Gospel According to Femigod

by Femigod


In what appears at first to be an anonymous book, “Femigod” first questions mainstream and organized religion and then presents various spiritual and philosophical alternatives as superior. The author, it turns out, is named Femi (whether male or female I was unable to detect) and concludes that we are all gods in our own right, more powerful than we are led to believe. “Femigod” describes his/her own spiritual enlightenment by lightly skimming a plethora of belief options.

The traditional Eastern, Western, and African religions are covered first, highlighting their inconsistencies, contradictions, and absurdities. None of these objections are covered in detail, and none are original or deep; all are reflections of the author’s own disillusionment with no counterarguments, presented more as questions than answers in order to encourage you to critically examine your own faith upbringing. (Why is God male? Why does he want to be worshipped? What is God’s hangup about sex? etc.)

After delving into various myths and introducing a number of philosophers, Femigod then presents metaphysical alternatives: The astral world, paganism, astrology, and more. Along the way, you’ll learn a little about Tarot, angels, and mind-altering drugs.

My disappointment in the book was not in the topic, nor the obvious metaphysical slant, but in its shallow presentation. This topic is simply too much to cover in 168 pages. Read this one if you’re already questioning traditional religion and looking for something else to dive into. Then find other books to learn more about those alternatives.


  1. I’m male. Thanks for review and honest opinion. :)

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