Mark 9:7, The Three-Fold Revelation

And there was a cloud that overshadowed them and a voice came out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved Son hear him.

//I recently came across an absolutely fascinating discovery in the Gospel of Mark, provided by Ched Myers (Binding the Strong Man, 1988, pp 390-392). Mark, in presenting the evidence of Jesus’ God-given authority, repeats five themes three times, during what may be considered the three most important events in the life of Jesus. This little chart is worth studying, I promise!


Heavens torn Garments turn to white Sanctuary curtain torn
Dove descends Cloud descends Darkness descends
Voice from heaven Voice from the cloud Jesus’ great voice
“You are my beloved son” “This is my beloved son.” “Truly this man was God’s son”
John the Baptizer as Elijah  Jesus appears with Elijah  “Is he calling Elijah?”


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