Judges 6:13, Where are all the miracles?

…and where be all [God’s] miracles which our fathers told us of….?

//I’m not very good at believing in miracles. Oh, I don’t mean the run-of-the-mill “I found a new apartment on the day I got kicked out of the old one” variety. I mean real, fire-from-heaven, rising-from-the-dead stuff. And the biggest reason I, like many others, struggle to believe, is that we don’t see any of this stuff happening today.

But should we really expect to see such things? Have the many miracles in the Bible made us think that God is the type of person who throws miracles around willy-nilly? It turns out that it’s simply not true that the Bible is “full of miracles.” What we find, instead, is that most miracles in the Bible are clustered around three distinct historical periods:

1. Moses

2. Elijah and Elisha

3. Jesus and the apostles

Why does God intervene with miracles during these three periods, and then suppress his divine power the rest of the time? Why does he disappear for hundreds, even thousands, of years at a time? Might it be that these are the three periods in history when God was confirming a new truth or revelation—the only three times God found it necessary to really stick his finger in our business and swirl it around a little?

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