Book review: Revelation: The Way It Happened

by Lee Harmon


I happened to stumble on this review of my first book on Goodreads. I guess this is the power of electronic publishing … it reached all the way to Africa!

And speaking of Goodreads, a group of us will be discussing this book in a forum shortly. I’d love to have a few more participants! If you’d like to join, check it out at, and if you need a cheap paper or free electronic copy of the book to share in the discussion, contact me at


My wife leant me her Kindle to read “Revelation – the way it happened” as I have long had an interest in comparative religion.

I found this story to have an interesting premise and to be intellectually challenging, pressing me to think out of the box with the way the well-researched scholarly material was mixed with telling a story. It did take me some time to get used to the modern voices of the main characters. However, as I am used to legal texts and non-fiction reading material about the different religions & their texts, this may not bother another reader.

While an index might have helped, reading this book was an engaging experience and I recommend “Revelation – the way it happened” to any reader who wants a different perspective on one of the most complex books in the Christian Bible.

Dr Beric Croome
Advocate of the High Court of South Africa
BCom. BProc. LLB. CTA.
Higher Diploma in Tax Law (cum laude).

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