Book review: God In Slow Motion

by Mike Nappa


Not the type of book I usually read—it’s more inspirational than educational, more conservative than liberal—but this one is really good. The author promises that through ten “lessons” (events from the New Testament) he will take you on a journey, “traveling the road of Christ’s life in search of the underneath things.” That’s what Nappa means by “God in slow motion;” slowing down the New Testament stories frame-by-frame to catch a glimpse of the real people who came in contact with Jesus.

Many of the ten “lessons” are borderline oxymorons, highlighting the complex simplicity (see, I can do it too!) of God’s nature. Beautiful sorrow, brutal love, insulting greatness. Mysteries, each, and God loves a mystery. Like the mystery of God’s unexplained entrance as a baby rather than a warrior, or the mystery of how things all seem to turn out alright when God is in control.

Do not miss chapter 5, “Stolen Miracles.” The unnamed woman with an issue of blood will earn a special place in your heart, as she tries to steal a miracle. She fights through a crowd to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment, hoping to be healed. The coup succeeds, the getaway doesn’t.

Imagine her fear when Jesus goes looking for her in the crowd. “Virtue” has gone out of him, and he’s determined to find out where it went. But if she is exposed, it will not only bring her embarrassing malady to light; it will inform dozens, maybe more, that she has broken the law and made the crowd unclean by brushing up against them. Yes, she was a legal outcast, required to keep her distance from people. Things are about to get ugly, right?

No. Not with Jesus in control. Nor will it in your journey with Jesus. As Nappa encourages in the last line of his book, “May you always be found holding the nail-scarred hand!”

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