Book review: Consider the Birds

by Debbie Blue


Inspirational, educational, and fun. You’ve probably never looked at the Bible from this angle. When Jesus says “consider the birds” (Matthew 6:26, Luke 12:24), is he giving us a lesson that we can sink our teeth into?

It turns out the Bible is chock full of birds, with their odd characteristics, legends and lessons. Debbie Blue is a pastor and a bird watcher who brings our avian friends alive, in both their splendorous glory and their disgusting habits. Doves, vultures, eagles, ravens and more fill the pages of a guide book that helps us see God, Jesus, and ourselves with penetrating clarity.

Bet you didn’t know the ostrich is in the Bible. Hidden in the book of Job, it appears as a despised and unwanted companion, a picture of Job himself once he is knocked off his high horse. Or consider the Pelican, listed as an abomination in the Levitical code, but honored as a picture of Jesus by the early church fathers.

Both lighthearted and serious, yet easy to read, this recommendation is a no-brainer.

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