2 Chronicles 33:19, The Saying of the Seers.

Behold, they are written among the sayings of the seers.

//Ever hear of the “sayings of the seers?” The two books of Chronicles, written in the fourth century BC, give a blow-by-blow detail of the southern kingdom (Judah) and they make reference often to writings of the “seers.” Although we’ve never uncovered any of these sources, some scholars assume today’s verse refers to a collection of works by various prophets. Man, how I’d love to get my hands on this collection! Here is a list of texts that may make up this collection (referenced by author):

Samuel the seer (verse 1 Chronicles 29:29)

Gad the seer (1 Chronicles 29:29)

Nathan the prophet (1 Chronicles 29:29, 2 Chronicles 9:29)

Shemaiah the prophet (2 Chronicles 12:15)

Iddo the seer (2 Chronicles 12:15)

Jehu the son of Hanani (2 Chronicles 20:34)

Ahijah the Shilonite (2 Chronicles 9:29)

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