Book review: 31 Rays of Hope

by Hollie Marie


Hollie’s little devotional gift book is simple, practical, and encouraging.

I seldom review devotionals, preferring edgy, thought-provoking Bible topics. Inspirational writings are not really a good fit for my agnostic bent. Hollie’s encouragement abounds with suggestions like “Replace the word ‘faith’ with the word ‘know’ in your thinking (do not say “I have faith that God will provide” but “I know God will provide”) and “Do not be swayed by non-believers or those of little faith.” These instructions, I don’t really know what to do with.

Yet I am quite aware of my own occasional need of uplifting material, and I am certain Hollie’s booklet will strike a chord with most Christians, providing a month’s worth of gentle reflection. Most daily passages are made up of a Bible verse or two, a few thoughts, a prayer of thanksgiving, and a chapter of reference for further reading. They seem to grow more graceful with each day, generating a sort of quiet godly strength, and culminate in this important reminder:

God is Love.

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