Book review: A Whole new World, The Gospel According to Revelation

by Greg Uttinger


This is a no-frills, straightforward introduction to the preterist interpretation of Revelation. Nothing new is presented. It’s a short little booklet you can read in a couple of hours.

Preterism is the belief that most closely fits my own historical-critical treatment of Revelation, so I’m on board with the author. If you’re looking for a scholarly-yet-respectful interpretation, you do need to be aware of the preterist way of reading the Apocalypse. I just didn’t find anything too captivating about this presentation. The basics of Uttinger’s book follow:

1. The radiant woman of Revelation is Israel, waiting for the arrival of the Messiah.

2. The beast of Revelation is Rome.

3. The “mark of the beast,” 666, points to Nero Caesar, who persecuted Christians in the first century.

4. First-century Jerusalem is the “Babylon” of Revelation, and was destroyed as Revelation predicts.

5. The New Jerusalem is a present reality … Revelation’s promise of a new age has already begun.

Recommended for those wanting a glimpse of preterism, but such an abbreviated treatment will prove unconvincing.

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