Book Winners

We have four winners in the book giveaway! If your name is listed, and we were unable to contact you, please drop Lee Harmon a note at

Brian Hager
Glenn Woods
Gus Cole-Kroll
Darrin Niday

This was sort of a trial run to see if we wanted to host book giveaways from among the books we review. The results were both good and bad; while we tracked a tremendous amount of traffic to the giveaway page, the majority of visitors didn’t bother to enter the contest once they arrived there! So, we clearly have to make it simpler to enter, while still encouraging social media sharing to get the word out. The plan of awarding one book for every few entries means sharing the contest with others doesn’t hurt your chances to win. (In this trial run, we decided on one book for every twenty entries.)

Ideas for the next giveaway are welcome!

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