Psalm 105:27, The Seven Plagues of Egypt

They shewed his signs among them, and wonders in the land of Ham.

//Seven plagues? Um … weren’t there ten plagues in Egypt?

Not according to this Psalm. But let’s jump topics for a moment.

In my book about Revelation, I point out how closely the seven bowls of wrath mimic the plagues of Egypt. Seven; not ten. These seven bowls precede the rescue of God’s chosen, after the inhabitants of the world continue to reject God, in the same way the plagues of Egypt set up Israel’s escape from that land.

So what are the seven plagues, according to Psalm 105? They differ a little from the Exodus story:


Water into blood (killing all the fish)

Frogs in abundance

Flies and lice

Hail and flaming fire for rain


Killing all the firstborn


And the seven plagues listed in Revelation?

Boils upon the skin

Sea becomes blood, and all the fish die

Rivers become blood

Scorching with fire and great heat (fire from heaven is a theme elsewhere in Revelation)


River Euphrates dried up (it brings unclean spirits like frogs)

The war of Armageddon

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