Dubious Disciple Top Ten Books of 2011

Yes, that says 2011. Yes, I’m a year late. I was pleasantly surprised by how much attention our 2012 list generated, and decided to go ahead and do a list as well for our first full year as a book reviewer. Besides, I think the 2011 group may have been even more interesting.


So, here are all of my favorites from the year before, in order by review date.

Atoms and Eden, by Steve Paulson

Reading the Bible Through New Covenant Eyes, by Alan Bondar

Christianity: How a Tiny Sect From a Despised Religion Came to Dominate the Roman Empire, by Jonathan Hill

The Riddles of the Fourth Gospel, by Paul N. Anderson

Jesus, An Historical Approximation, by Jose A. Pagola

Putting Away Childish Things, by Marcus J. Borg

Good Book, by David Plotz

Hell Yes/Hell No, by John Noe

Holy Ghost Girl, by Donna Johnson

Re-Claiming the Bible for a Non-Religious World, by John Shelby Spong

Better late than never, right? For a closer look, click here: http://www.dubiousdisciple.com/top-10-of-2011

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