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The Dubious Disciple ranks in the top 100!

The Dubious Disciple won an interesting distinction this week. We are being featured on a list of “100 Exceptional Websites for Christian Theologians,” as selected by Featured websites fall into various categories, including Leadership, Art/Music/Literature, and Bible Study. We’re ranked in the category of General Christianity, where we place 9th out of 39 nominees described as such:

“These sites have a lot to offer for someone looking to learn something new about Christianity, but they aren’t quite sure what. The massive amount of scholarly research that has been published on Christianity makes it hard to know where to start, and these sites are more approachable and fun to read.”

Says TDO, “The websites on the list were selected through a rigorous campaign of research and nomination-seeking. We feel that each site on this final list offers prime examples of high-quality Christian thought and research being published online.” Here’s what TheologyDegreesOnline has to say about us: 

“The Dubious Disciple alternately discusses scripture through the lens of a liberal, and sometimes skeptical, believer, and reviewing books with Christian ties. This blog is a great place for book recommendations or to explore a new point of view.”

Thanks for the vote of confidence, TDO! Check them out here: Theology Degrees Online

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