Genesis 18:1-2, Abraham’s Kindness

The LORD appeared to Abraham near the great trees of Mamre while he was sitting at the entrance to his tent in the heat of the day. Abraham looked up and saw three men standing nearby. When he saw them, he hurried from the entrance of his tent to meet them and bowed low to the ground.

//In today’s verse, Abraham, newly-circumcised, sees three men and rushes to provide hospitality. It is said that the third day after circumcision is the most painful, and this was the third day. Despite his groin pain, he jumps up and runs to them, begging them to let him serve them.

According to Jewish tradition, service is simply in Abraham’s nature. He cannot help but show kindness. Kabbalah tradition tells us that Abraham was so motivated by desire to provide hospitality that on this day he sent a servant out into the desert hoping to find some weary passers-by whom he could aid. Finding no one, he dejectedly returned to his tent, when the three strangers appeared. He immediately and joyfully rushed to greet them.

In pain from circumcision, he nevertheless “runs to the herd and selects a tender calf” and has a feast prepared. Abraham’s reward? A child born to Sarah, his wife, and the fulfillment of God’s promise of an uncountable nation. 


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