Book Review: The Bible Experience

by Zondervan


I don’t really review audio-only books, but I should make an exception to tell you about The Bible Experience, just in case you’ve never heard of it. This is a reading of Today’s New International Version of the Bible. If you’ve got a road trip planned, this should be your companion.

It employs a cast of a couple hundred actors in the star-studded cast—Samuel Jackson, Angela Bassett, and Cuba Gooding Jr. to name a few—and sound effects that bring ancient times alive. This is just a reading of the Bible, nothing more, yet the written Word is somehow elevated into an absolutely stunning audio experience. No book of any genre that I’ve listened to compares to this, and certainly no audio Bible version compares. This is the one you want.

Pick up the Gospel of John, lie down in a meadow, and put on your ear buds for a couple hours. Or tune in to Revelation and listen to the angels sing. If you’re looking for meaningful Christmas presents, then after you buy my books, buy this! :)


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