Book review: Paul, the Great Scandal

by Vassilios Bakoyannis


This is the Apostle Paul’s life and ministry by the book. It’s told with Biblical precision, lots of scriptural passages, and little embellishment until the final pages. Despite the provocative title, there is nothing controversial in this conservative treatment. Bakoyannis portrays Paul as driven, caring, conscientious, and with nearly superhuman devotion to the Gospel through the aid of the Spirit.

Toward the end, Bakoyannis falls back on the writings of Clement, bishop of Rome, to describe Paul’s release from prison and visit to Spain. He describes how Paul was beheaded by the instruction of Nero, and relates the legend of Paul’s death—how his body bled milk, not blood, and how his head leapt about on the ground, stopping to face north, south, east and west—but other than the final pages, this is a scriptural retelling.

It’s published by Convivium Press, which I’ve come to recognize as a high quality publisher. Easy to read and interesting, enjoyable for all ages. 


  1. Sounds interesting. Not sure about the milk though.

  2. Oh, it’s not that much of a stretch. I figure while the head was hopping around it accidentally squished some puffy shrooms. There’s always a natural explanation, right?

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