Book review: Revelation: The Way it Happened

I thought it would be fun to present a review of my own book that I received while it was still in the galley stage. I think Fran Lewis was the very first to read the published version.

Fran is a sweetie who probably reads about a book a day, and who takes her commitment to provide positive exposure seriously. Authors, she should be on your list for sure! 

As this was my first book about religion (I had published a couple of poker books before this), Fran’s review was fun to read, opening my eyes to how differently readers perceive a book from the way the author imagines it. :) Unfortunately, the review is very long for a reprint, so I’ll limit my post to a few words. Fran gives a synopsis of the book and its themes, and then she closes with this paragraph:

“Author Lee Harmon provides an accurate detailed account of the events in the Book of Revelation through the words of Samuel, the questions of Matthew and the many explanations both from the book and his own commentaries. Taking the reader through the many sections and verses of the Book of Revelation itself, the reader can visualize, experience and understand the time, the people, the culture and the writings of John and its message. I can truly say that I have a better understanding of many of the events than I did before reading this book and the hardships, wars, sacrifices and more that both the Jewish people and Christians endured. Although this book is geared for adults only, I think that children will understand the discussion between father and son and would definitely read and understand it.”

Fran can be found in a multitude of places, but here’s her blog:


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