Book review: Will Jesus Buy Me a Double-Wide?

by Karen Spears Zacharias


Karen’s new book is a collection of short introductions, mostly anonymous personas such as “The Bookseller” or “The Grill Man.” Some are inspirational in the way they spread kindness with their lives and/or money, while others are downright sickening in their greed or coercion through a prosperity gospel. Think TV evangelists who promise that if you send your $100 now, today, God will bless you by returning far more. The book is sometimes heartwarming, sometimes disturbing.

Karen writes with wit and passion. She’s opinionated and direct, and she gets on her high horse a bit as she exposes The Secret as utter hogwash, money-grubbing TV evangelism as downright fraud, and Bernie Madoff as the embodiment of evil. But she’s serious about learning from the example of Jesus, and I dare say she has Jesus on her side. That is, if Jesus’ teachings about money and its use are to be taken seriously.

Worth reading!

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