Book Review: The Case Against Evangelical Christianity

by Dr. Rick Herrick


Rick Herrick’s book is a friendly, easy-to-read argument against “Evangelical Christianity.” Rick is a self-proclaimed Christian, but is unable to promote the Bible as a history book to be read literally. Welcome to the club, right? The back cover promises a “hard-hitting attack against Christian fundamentalism,” but I really didn’t get that feeling. Instead, Rick presents common sense reason after reason for replacing fundamentalism with Jesus’ dream of a “Kingdom of God.” Rick never does precisely nail down his own vision for the Kingdom, but love plays a pivotal role.

Rick’s views are down to earth and should strike a chord with most any thinking person. From a scholarly viewpoint, I didn’t read anything terribly profound or original. Any Bible scholar is aware of the Bible’s more talked-about contradictions and disproven claims, and Rick doesn’t delve much deeper than this. But Herrick knows his Bible, he knows Israel’s history, and he has a knack for writing simply, presenting commonplace arguments that should convince any Bible reader of its errancy. It’s a pretty quick read, but Herrick doesn’t need deep research or complex theological arguments to make his point; fundamentalism just simply doesn’t hold up under even a cursory examination.

This is a book for any Christian who has read too much of the Bible to embrace its portrayal of God, yet shares an appreciation for their Christian heritage and an awe for the mystery of love.


  1. Based on your review, I just bought this (using your link, of course).

    By the way, I think it’s cute that the ads below this article, at time of writing, are “The End-Time is Here: 2008 was God’s last warning, 2012 is economic collapse & WWIII” and “The Prophet’s Passions: God’s Agenda In Plain Language”.

  2. Ha! These ads are frightening. I just purchased tickets to vegas, so now all I see are ads for show tickets in Vegas.

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