Book review: In That Day Teachings

by Robert Burke


Once in a while, I agree to review a book which turns out to be a bit more pointed than I expected, and doesn’t really jell with the universalistic atmosphere of my blog. My response is usually to provide a “non-rating” of three stars, make it clear to readers that I avoid endorsing any particular set of beliefs, and offer a short description of the product without taking a stance. Such is the case with Robert Burke’s collections of In That Day poetry and essays.

Robert has amassed an impressive collection of nine books that read a bit like a writer’s journal. He has obviously poured his heart into this work. Book one is a preliminary introduction; book two contains “heavy doctrine and sharp criticism of the current dysfunction worldwide church;” and books three through nine are inspirational and instructive poetry. I was given books one and three for review.

Best, perhaps, to let Robert describe his poetry in his own words:

What is In That Day? It’s God’s biblical time of uplifting denouement. It’s His period on the end of His sentence. No, it is not the end-of-days. Nor is it that crazy notion some call rapture. It is simply His day when he can tolerate stupefied Christians no more! He wants a greater mind-meld with us, His creation. And by God, He will get what He wants!

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