Book review: Why Men Hate Going to Church

by David Murrow


I have a confession to make. I accepted this book for review thinking it might be good for a few laughs. Get a guy through the church doors? What are you gonna do, turn it into a sports bar?

I was wrong about David’s book. Oh, I laughed alright—a lot!—but all the time I was chuckling, I was nodding. David has nailed it.

Funny thing is, speaking as a guy, we don’t know why we hate church. We just know it’s uncomfortable. The awkwardness has to be explained to us … and when it is, we finally nod knowingly.

David probably thinks his book is for pastors. No, it’s for couples. Ladies, if you want your guy sitting next to you in the pew, read this. Then find a new church together. One where the pastor has read the book, too.


  1. Some men find it boring. Some men just think that masses are not necessary and Sunday mornings are reserved for things like chilling.

  2. And football, of course.

  3. the book is good and it make great points, all of which I believe to be true.

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