Book review: 365 Read-Aloud Bedtime Bible Stories

by Daniel Partner


I have been on the lookout for a good introductory book for adults to the stories in the Bible, and someone told me this children’s book would actually be a good one. They were right, I read through every story and enjoyed it! It’s a one-year collection of short Bible stories; you get 211 from the Old Testament, and 154 from the New (mostly Acts and the Gospels).

Do be aware that its target audience really is young children. You won’t find any of the Bible’s “adult themes” herein. Rahab isn’t a harlot; she’s just a nice lady. Mary isn’t a virgin. I guess that would be a little too complicated to explain.

365 days wasn’t quite enough for Partner to get through the Bible, probably because of an overemphasis on the teachings of Jesus, so you won’t find a full coverage of the Bible. For example, if there was anything at all about Ezekiel, one of the Bible’s more important prophets, I missed it. I was a little surprised at this, since Ezekiel’s dreams and publicity stunts would make for memorable children’s lessons.

You will, however, find a great deal of attention given to the kings of Israel and Judah, to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, to the deportation into captivity, to the release from captivity and rebuilding of the Holy Land. Excellent; I’m in favor of this emphasis. Few Christians grow up knowing anything at all about Judaism’s past, its defeats, sufferings, and desperate hopes for redemption. This is, after all, the atmosphere which birthed Christianity, for Christ means “Messiah,” the long-awaited redeemer.

Great book, cute pictures, and even I could understand the simple writing. :)

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