Book review: Angel

by Laura Lee


I reviewed this book a few days ago, labeling it an “uncomfortable page-turner,” and its bizarre story still grips me. My primary criterion for ranking is whether or not a book makes me think … obviously, this one does. As such, it deserves additional discussion, and this time around it gets five stars. That the between-the-lines message of the book still grips me is a testament to its importance within its Christian setting.

It feels odd to call this “Christian literature.” It’s a bit crude, and let’s be honest, it contradicts Paul’s teachings by 180 degrees. The gay lifestyle isn’t “Christian” … at least, not for Christians who consider the Bible the final word. I’ve studied several arguments for embracing same-sex relationships in the church, and the bottom line is they just aren’t scriptural. I’ve talked with gays who don’t feel the Bible contradicts their lifestyle, but the arguments are lame. Sorry, guys. The Bible is clear. There is simply no legitimate way to get around the gay-bashing verses of the Bible … until we realize it’s just time to outgrow these verses.  Biblical writers could not overcome their unease, but differences in sexual preference do not warrant discrimination in church any more than in business. It’s time we grew up.

Back to Laura’s book. She tackles an intimidating topic head on, and does so in an unforgettable manner. Five stars, yeah, because this is a Christian topic. Let’s climb this social mountain together.

Read the original review here: Angel

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