Resurrection: Myth or Reality?

by John Shelby Spong


“Death cannot contain him, we have seen the Lord!”

What really happened two thousand years ago? Bishop Spong takes us on a journey through the scriptures as he uncovers clues leading to the truth about the resurrection.

[1] Beginning with Paul and then traversing the four gospels one at the time, Spong covers what the Bible tells about the historical event.

[2] Leading into “interpretive images,” he next discusses several ways the Bible adds meaning to the story: the atoning sacrifice of Hebrews, the suffering servant, and the Son of Man.

[3] Then come five “clues,” Biblical stories that lend insight into how the resurrection of Jesus was perceived.

[4] Finally, Spong provides his own “speculative reconstruction” about what he believes truly happened.

Spong is, of course, a liberal Christian. Don’t expect a conservative explanation. He concludes, however, that “Behind the legends that grew up around this moment, there is a reality I can never deny. Jesus lives. I have seen the Lord.”

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