Book review: Tomorrow’s God

by Neale Donald Walsch


Not my favorite from Walsch. Walsch is the author of the Conversations With God series, and this book reads similarly.

We need a new God.
  I know
No. I’m serious. We need a new God. The old God isn’t working anymore.
  The old one never worked.
Some people think it did.

  They were not looking at the world around them.

…and so it begins, as God talks his way through our misconceptions about him in part one, and how a new vision of God will help us create a newer, better world in part two. A world where bickering over methods of worship is behind us, where harmony becomes mankind’s purpose, and humanity can work together in love. From the back cover: In Tomorrow’s God, Walsch offers compelling reasons why adopting this new belief system is in the best interests of humankind–now.

God turns out to be a bit long-winded. A hundred pages was enough for me, after which I grew thirsty for more than a spiritual guide. As wonderful as this book’s teachings are—and, honestly, to be fair, they are—it wore me down to be constantly talking to a being of Walsch’s imagination. More facts I could sink my teeth into, less God-talk, and I could happily develop my own “belief system” instead of “adopting” Walsh’s. (Does anybody really just select a belief system like a box of cereal at the supermarket?)

I’ll try reading the book again in a few years and will probably develop an altogether different opinion.

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