Genesis 9:29, Noah’s Death

Altogether, Noah lived 950 years, and then he died.

// Have you ever considered how long these people really lived? Like most of the first ten generations, Noah lived just under 1,000 years. With the traditional dating of the Bible, this means that when Noah died in the year 1935 BC:

  • The Ziggurat of Ur has been built (coinciding with the Biblical timing of the Tower of Babel). Noah would have observed its building and the scattering of the nations.
  • Noah and Abraham may have been chatting together for 60 years. In another fifteen years, Abraham will be leaving Ur and heading for the promised land.
  • Noah could be wearing Indian wares. Traders from Mesopotamia have already established trade routes to India.
  • If Noah travelled to Crete, he could be enjoying indoor plumbing.
  • If Noah travelled to Egypt, he could be enjoying the beginnings of literature and art.
  • Stonehenge has been built in England.
  • The Hsai dynasty is over 200 years old in China.
  • Did I say the nations had just divided from Ur? Already, corn is harvested in large scales in Peru.


  1. Fascinating! Great to meet you Lee!

  2. It is quite facinating to consider what the different ones mentioned would have experienced. On the other hand it is sad, yet enlightening to see that length of life did not help them to walk with God. As my life adds years I hope to continue that walk and to be like Enoch. Although I do not expect to have 365 years(interesting one year for every day in the average year), one never knows.

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