Book review: Refracted

by Sheila Deeth


What a fun read! I smiled the whole time … about an hour. Yeah, pretty short, but memories of the story will linger much longer. If you find yourself describing the book to someone, adjectives will spill forth like the colors of the rainbow. My suspicion, however, is that each reader’s experience will be different … your adjectives will not match mine.

Delightful. Colorful. Fanciful. Meaningful. It’s a very “full” 53 pages. Half the book is a dreamlike romp through familiar Biblical territory, and at its midpoint I felt momentary disillusionment to uncover the machinery that made the magic within the book “real,” but I was just as quickly swallowed up again into its emerging sci-fi plot line.

I dare say no more, because the beauty of the book is in its unfolding wonder, and further hints will dampen your reading experience. Yes, it’s religious, on several levels really, but the setting (which eventually tends more toward New Age than Judeo-Christian) adds flavor … and leaves you thinking about the role of religion in our lives.

(available in electronic form only)

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  1. Thank you Lee! You make me want to read my own book. And you give me confidence to think I should write something longer. Working on it… I really enjoyed catching up on other posts here too–especially the value of pi!


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