Genesis 30:6, The Tribe of Dan

Then Rachel said, “God has vindicated me; he has listened to my plea and given me a son.” Because of this she named him Dan.

//Well, to be honest, it wasn’t Rachel’s son, but her handmaiden, Bilbah, who slept with Jacob and provided a son named Dan. One of the twelve sons of Jacob, one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

The tribe of Dan always seemed a bit of an outcast. They tolerated idols, and they were the only tribe not allowed into the New Jerusalem in Revelation. The hero of Dan’s tribe was Samson, who spent more time with the Philistines than he did the Israelites.

Some wonder if Dan was originally a tribe at all. The Song of Deborah sings about Dan dwelling on his ships, indicating a sea-going people, and maybe this provides a clue. The Philistines arrived in Canaan about the same time as the Israelites, and came by sea. Among the Sea Peoples arriving in Canaan were a group called the Danuna, possibly a remnant of the Greek Danoi, the people identified by Homer as the invaders of Troy. This group may have relocated inward from the coast, supposedly as a split-off, and carried Philistine pottery there with them. The theory posits that the tribe of Dan were chased north by the other Philistines and joined the Israelite confederation for protection.


  1. Anonymous

    They definitely could have been Pheonicians (I hope I spelled that right).

    On the other hand, I’ve heard the tribe of Dan could have become the tribes of Menassah & Ephraim. This all adds up, because my Mothers Mitochondrial DNA has been tested and it is Hebrew, “probably Phoenician” is what the scientists stated.

    Now, this becomes interesting, because my Mothers ancestors came across the plains as Mormon pioneers, and were related to Brigham young. I was told as a child when receiving a Patriarchical blessing that I was of the Tribe of “Ephraim, my Brother was tolf he was from “Manassah” because he was a boy. I was told later that this is code for the tribe of Dan.

    If I’m from Dan that’s O.K. with me, even if some people frown on it. So what if I’m a canaanite or whatever, God still created me in HIS IMAGE just like everyone else.

    I’d rather be from the tribe of Dan and know it and love God, than to be a hypocrite and think my blood is “better than someone elses”. (Sorry I’m defensive, I was told Dan is from a cursed tribe and blood, no wonder people lie!).


    God Bless

    • Anonymous

      Oh, one more thing, I was told the new Jeruselem will be a Spiritual Kingdom, so Physical blood doesn’t play a part, but spiritual attitude does!

    • Anonymous

      The Simaritan woman at the well was a Canannite, and Jesus saved her. One more point.

    • Anonymous

      I have to Specifically adress the statement that “Dan was left out of Revelations”. I agree with this woman that the reason is because the tribe of Dan became “Ephraim & Menassah”. They are listed! This is why the tribe was split into two, this was Gods way of saving the people, by splitting then and integrating them into the rest of Israel.

  2. If Dan became Ephraim and Menassah, then what happened to Joseph? These are the sons of Joseph. Does one represent Joseph and the other Dan? Not arguing, just curious what the logic is.

    Certainly, I think no less of Danites! I wouldn’t have posted if I imagined anyone would think that of me. The Bible is full of condemnation based on odd things, so if you’re from Dan, be glad it’s a rather innocuous slander by comparison. If it aids in sharing in the experience of another who is more seriously persecuted, your Danite connection might be a good thing for personal growth. You could, for example, have the misfortune of being gay! 😉

    • These days we all have a bit of “the nations” in us.
      It’s by grace through faith in Yahshua that we we become the seed of Abraham … ie. a child of Yah.

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