Top 10 Books of 2011

The following favorites were selected by The Dubious Disciple among those reviewed as the best religion books of 2011. Books are presented in order by review date.


Atoms and Eden

by Steve Paulson, reviewed on February 5, 2011

A collection of cutting-edge interviews on the topic of science versus religion, from some of the biggest names on both sides of the argument.



Reading the Bible Through New Covenant Eyes

by Alan Bondar, reviewed February 21, 2011

An essential book for all Christians, whether Preterist or not, to understand the historical setting and urgency of New Testament writers who believed they were on the precipice of a new world.


Christianity, How a Tiny Sect From a Despised Religion Came to Dominate the Roman Empire

by Jonathan Hill, reviewed on March 31, 2011

Not just a beautiful coffee table book, this is a very informative and scholarly look at the first few hundred years of Christianity.


The Riddles of the Fourth Gospel

by Paul N. Anderson, reviewed on April 14, 2011

A fascinating look at John’s Gospel and its theological, historical, and literary tensions. Anderson may be may favorite current-day Johannine theologian.



Jesus, An Historical Approximation

by Jose A. Pagola, reviewed May 28, 2011

A moving and thoughtful peek at the Jesus of history, in his Jewish roots. Down-to-earth and highly recommended.



Putting Away Childish Things

by Marcus Borg, reviewed June 3, 2011

So far as I know, the only fiction effort by one of my favorite Liberal Christian authors, and I thoroughly enjoyed this lesson on faith.



Good Book

by David Plotz, reviewed June 19, 2011

A fun and irreverent romp through the Old Testament, by a Jew who says the experience of writing the book has made him a “full-on Bible thumper.”



Hell Yes/Hell No

by John Noe, Ph. D, reviewed October 12, 2011

A great book comparing the Biblical arguments for and against eternal punishment. Selected for its balanced approach to an important topic.



Holy Ghost Girl

by Donna Johnson, reviewed October 24, 2011

Riveting account of the tent revival ministry of David Terrell through a young girl’s eyes. A story you don’t want to miss.



Re-Claiming the Bible for a Non-Religious World

by John Shelby Spong, reviewed December 14, 2011

A thoroughly enjoyable journey through the Bible, detailing each book’s origin and historical setting. Possibly Spong’s best.